Tuned In

Programming Note

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robojames_cuddlyNext week, I will be researching the television habits of Midwestern female viewers outside the 18-to-49 demographic (a.k.a. “On vacation, visiting my mom”). I have dragged Robo-James out of the broom closet to keep the lights on while I’m gone. (I’ll probably be tweeting, because while my mom’s house doesn’t have Internet, a satellite does pass over it occasionally.) I’ll be back Aug. 17—though in the middle of some print-magazine projects, so “back” may be a relative term as far as the blog is concerned for a little while.

In the meantime, please welcome your robot overlord.  Because some have found his appearance intimidating in the past, I have gone to the trouble of knitting him a decorative cozy to soften his look. Do you like it? Because if you don’t, he will totally kill you.

[Robot photo by à voir etc…, reproduced under Creative Commons license.]