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Post-Paula, Idol to Load Up on Judges Again

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When Paula Abdul announced that she was leaving American Idol, I posted that it was not a good idea for either Abdul or Idol. (If, that is, Abdul actually leaves the show at all.) But thinking about it later, I realized that it had one side benefit: it would solve one of last season’s problems, which was that four judges were simply too many, leaving the show with too much, often repetitive, judge talk. 

Well, fear not, America! Idol is taking steps to restore that problem! Fox entertainment chair Peter Rice today announced that the show will add a fourth permanent judge. (Celebrity guests will sit in on the audition rounds.)

Excellent! Now if he can just see about bringing Dunkleman back!

In other news, there’s talk that Paula may move on to judge So You Think You Can Dance, which at least makes sense for her. Do you have any fourth-judge suggestions for Idol? Any career tips for Paula?