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Comic-Con Roundup: Bigger, Bloggier

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Today marks my first full day of not being at Comic-Con. But a lot of other people are. A whole lot of other people are. Below, some early reports from some of my favorite people, many of which emphasize how damn many people are there, and make sitting in my lonely office seem that much more appealing: 

* TIME’s Lev Grossman has filed two dispatches, so far mostly focused on books and movies more than TV. But you get to read passages like: “Nerd culture has gorged and gorged, and then bloated, then collapsed under the weight of its own flesh. The excess flesh has turned septic and begun to necrotize, and that is the stench in the air in San Diego. This isn’t nerd Woodstock, it’s nerd Altamont.”

* Philadelphia critic Ellen Gray is going to her first Comic-Con, and previews the TV offerings. She’ll be blogging too. 

* Maureen Ryan meets a really big (like Hurley big) Lost fan, and is tweeting the proceedings. Other TV writers on Twitter at the event include Denise Martin, Daniel Feinberg and Todd VanDerWerff.