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The Morning After: Live Together, Dine Alone

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Last night’s Top Chef Masters is still keeping warm on my TiVo, to be consumed leftover tonight. But it was an episode of more than usual interest to Tuned Inlanders, since the guest chefs were competing to cook for Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. (Between this and Lost’s special Ace of Cakes episode, Cuselof are wisely milking the series’ end for as much free grub as possible.) Feel free to discuss the episode in the comments. (For which, obviously: spoiler alert.)


Instead, I finally took in an episode of this season’s So You Think You Can Dance. I hear from SYTYCD fans whose taste is more discerning than my own that the Bollywood episode was better, but I’m even less qualified to judge dancing than the singing on American Idol, so I’ll simply say that: (1) I’m glad to see that Mary Murphy is reliably bringing the crazy, (2) along with “prostitution whore,” I will now endeavor to work the adjective “buck” into my daily conversation, and (3) I liked Kayla and Max. Am I wrong?