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Happy Weekend: How Do You Like These Bananas?

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It’s been a tense week here at Tuned In. We’ve wondered who will pay for journalism if journalism’s business model fails. We’ve debated whether neo-Nazi and abortion-provider murders should be called terrorism. And we’ve argued about David Letterman’s jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughter, over and over again

It would be understandable if all our nerves were a bit on edge. In that last thread, commenter Dave wisely noted

See what happens when you keep posting on the hot-button issues, James? Just a few little Wipeout clips would remedy ourselves of all this hullaballoo.

So true, Dave. So true. So before we all go off for the weekend, let us take a moment to honor a nonpartisan American tradition: watching bald fat guys getting the crap knocked out of them by giant bananas:


One quibble: there actually is no “pain” in “plantain.” But, hey, let’s focus on the positive!