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The Morning After: Center Stage

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CBS telecast the Tony Awards last night. I leave it to people who actually follow theater more than I do to assess the wisdom of the award choices themselves. (Except one quibble: Pick one Billy Elliot, people! I demand a cutthroat runoff competition between those three kids!) But to the extent that reaching viewers with a moderate but not overpowering interest in theater matters, the show largely did its job by me, mainly because of Neil Patrick Harris—who should also host the Emmys, and the AVN adult-video awards, and everything else. His jab at Jeremy Piven’s sushi defense for dropping out of Speed-the-Plow was priceless. And he sang this whipped-up-in-a-jiffy number:

And the show was educational: it got me interested in Next to Normal, while I learned to stay well away from anything having to do with Rock of Ages. Glee never looked better than when I was watching the musical production of Don’t Stop Believin’. (Too late: I stopped after the first note.) What do the theater-philes have to say?