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Idol Watch: Your Final Two

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Frank Micelotta / PictureGroup for FOX

Frank Micelotta / PictureGroup for FOX

Brief spoilers for the American Idol elimination after the jump:

I was busy last night first watching the Lost finale and then writing it up, so my viewing of American Idol‘s results show was limited pulling it up on Tivo, seeing that Gokey was singing the swan song, then turning it off. Which is really how all Idol results shows should be watched. 

Well done, America. I feel a little bad for Danny, given that he began the season as a favorite but since has had the tide of fan and (especially) critic attention turn on him. He’s a fine singer and he had a good run, but it was his time: he never really showed any ability to stretch beyond his soul crooning, whereas Kris has demonstrated more versatility and Adam more performance skill. 

Now what? As I’ve said, Idol is like a political primary; every time a candidate drops out, the equation changes as his or her voters must go somewhere else (or stay home). I can’t say I know who the Gokey voter is, exactly. I’m guessing, given his retro stylings, that they’re a little on the older end for Idol voters. But does that help Kris (because these voters are more musically conservative and likely to be annoyed by Adam) or Adam (because they’re not tween girls and thus less likely to be gaga over Kris)?

I don’t know. But it’s certainly time we stop treating this as an Adam runaway. If I were the online-betting type, I’d like the odds being provided on Kris right now; he’s definitely got a fierce fanbase. Adam, meanwhile, is polarizing; and he’s become such a media sensation and judges’ favorite that some voters may just be sick of feeling he’s being forced on them as a fait accompli.

The one thing I’m not sure I buy is the argument that Kris will win because the teenage girls love him. That may be true—I just don’t know how much that vote matters given Idol’s current demographics. Last year, David Archuleta lost, even though he had the big kid vote, as you’ll recall from this video. Bottom line, it’s anybody’s contest now. Your bets?