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Judging American Idol: The Final 3

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This is what American Idol thinks of you, America: you are a sap. You are maudlin and sentimental and the way to your heart is with a big, sloppy ballad, the more power notes the better. So for the penultimate Idol of season 8—and holy crap, there have been 300 episodes of this show?—judges and contestants alike served up the slow-dance tunes, with not a rocker or dance song to break the monotony. (Lambert! I was counting on you to bring the glitter rock!)

So who made it on your dance card, America? I’m thinking that if Danny survived his “Dream On” disaster, he goes through to the finals on his decent showing tonight. Which probably leaves Kris the odd man out—but I agree with Simon that Adam is by no means a lock.

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