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Happy Lost Day! We Begin Bombing in…

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Namaste, readers. When last we left our castaways, Jack was preparing to detonate a hydrogen bomb on the Island to change the course of time, while Locke, thirty years in the future, planned to kill a supernatural being. Nothing big ever happens on this show. 

Encroaching deadlines prevent me from posting much this morning, so I’ll turn it over to your discussion and speculation. (See Doc Jensen’s last pre-show column here; E!’s Watch With Kristin has scenes from the finale.) One sad thought: we’re reaching the point in Lost, as the final season approaches, when we start encountering series “lasts.” Tonight: the last (presumably) cliffhanger-shocker final scene of the season. Your wild speculation as to what it involves? 

Not that I have a clue, but I’ll make one vague guess about tonight: Locke’s plan to “kill” Jacob will not actually involve anything that we corporeal beings consider killing. Maybe he plans to destroy the Others’ illusions/misconceptions about Jacob, maybe exorcise him, maybe even prove he doesn’t exist—but I don’t think it will involve strangling Jacob with an extension cord, say.