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State Your Case! Castle

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For the uninitiated, State Your Case! is a regular feature on Tuned In (I’ve kept this one alive two straight weeks, people!) in which I take up a TV show that I have given up watching and invite arguments as to why I should watch it again. 


The intent of State Your Case! is to find shows that deserve a second look because they have changed or improved significantly since I last watched them. It may be that you just disagree with my initial review. We may have different tastes. But if the show has not really evolved since then, I’m probably not going to like it any better now. Put another way: “You’re a moron, Poniewozik, and your review sucks,” is a perfectly legitimate argument and probably correct. It’s just not an argument that’s going to persuade me to change my mind. 

This week’s candidate: ABC’s Castle. You can find my original impression here, based on two episodes, after which I triaged the show out of my schedule. Since then, some commenters here have said good things about the show, so I ask you: has the show gotten better?