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Idol Watch: Straight Up, Now

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Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Spoilers for American Idol’s elimination, after the break: 

The good news was, we didn’t have to hear That Awful Note again, since Danny Gokey escaped elimination. (Thus avoiding becoming the Howard Dean of  American Idol, his run ended with one unfortunate yelp.)

The bad news, Allison got hosed. I’m tempted to say hosed by the judges, who were both inexplicably rough on her and easy on Danny Tuesday night, but honestly, I’m not sure how great the influence of the judges’ comments is at this point. Perhaps she got hosed by you, then, America. 

But hosed she was, as she showed by delivering a fine, gutsy—and appropriately tearful—reprise of “Crybaby.” The bright side for Allison is that she’s had ample time to have viewers get to know her; she was ejected in fourth place, which didn’t seem to hurt musical guest Chris Daughtry. Frankly, I can imagine someone making and selling a CD of hers much more easily than I can with Danny. (On the other hand—Trip Home Week next week, which means we get to see Milwaukee!) 

Beyond that, the, um, “highlight” of last night’s show was Paula Abdul’s performance. Thank God that, over the past two decades, pitch-correction technology has finally caught up with her voice! Seriously, girl sounded like a cyborg, but at least she, or her computer, was in tune. (Think of the tragedy for bad singers of her era. If only there were a chip in 1990 powerful enough to make Milli Vanilli into good singers live, their career may have been far different.) 

Al this gives me two ideas (1) Idol needs to have an Autotune Night, and (2) Randy Jackson/Journey reunion, now!

Anyway, good luck, Allison, and enjoy your pity vote, Danny. How do you handicap the Final Three?