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Elsewhere on Time.com: J.J. Abrams on Trek, Zach Braff on Scrubs

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Because there’s a lot of pop culture out there and I’m only one man—one lazy, lazy man—time.com has you covered: 


* As the (visceral, fun and thrilling) Star Trek prequel/reimagining opens, J.J. Abrams offers up a video 10 Questions interview

* Time.com critic Mary Pols reviews the new flick: “a brisk, joyous romp.” (Nerd World blogger and high-level Trekker Lev Grossman offered his high hopes earlier.) 

* And finally: yes, I know there was a Scrubs finale (for J.D. and/or the series) last night. I even watched it. But while I like the show well enough, I haven’t really cared about it for years, and I hate it when writers pretend to care about things they don’t care about just to grub for clicks. Also, see above re “lazy, lazy man.” So please read this Q&A with Zach Braff instead. He seems like a polite young man.