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David Simon Gets Big Easy for HBO

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Wire fans, get excited: HBO has picked up David Simon’s next series, Treme, hopefully to run begin production in the fall. [Update: HBO tells me the THR report was incorrect on the start date; the show will air next year.] The series, set in New Orleans post-Katrina, stars Wendell “Bunk” Pierce (a Nawlins native) as well as The Wire’s Clarke Peters, Khandi Alexander (who was in Simon’s The Corner) and Kim Dickens. 

In the Hollywood Reporter’s story, Simon cautions that Treme will not be The Wire in a different city. It’s more of a character study looking at people trying to reconstruct their lives after their city has been destroyed and at a city that[‘s] a living, breathing organism.” 

The living, breathing city part sounds a lot like The Wire to me, but point taken, and breath bated.