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State Your Case! Southland

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Today I introduce what will be a regular feature here at Tuned In, unless, like many other regular features past, I gradually forget I ever introduced it. 

Being a TV critic, I have said, is different from being a movie critic. A movie critic can reasonably see every major release of the year, and many many minor ones, and he or she gets to see those movies in their entirety. For a TV critic, even if you see every major TV pilot produced in a year, it is physically impossible—even if you watch 24 hours of TV a day—to watch all the TV there is, and even to watch every episode of every popular or buzzed-about TV show. 

So you make decisions; you do triage. Eventually comes the point where you decide you have seen enough of a certain series and need to see no more. But sometimes you wonder later if you’ve cut out on a show too early, or if a show that you left long ago has had a resurgence. You need someone to convince you that the show deserves a second watching. 

And that where you come in… in State Your Case!

I was reasonably impressed with NBC’s Southland, but it left me a little cold and I couldn’t connect with its characters. The ratings, meanwhile, do not necessarily bode well for the show’s future. And yet some people whose opinion I respect rave about it. 

So you tell me: if you have watched every episode of Southland, should I (and other Tuned Inlanders) come back to it (or stay away), and why? 

The season is drawing short. State Your Case!