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Happy Lost Day! and Programming Note

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The programming note first. Thanks to the exciting season finale of Barack Obama Takes Over Your TV Week, American Idol‘s performace night was bumped back to tonight. The same night as Lost. Which leaves me with blogging obligations that are irreconcilable. (Well, irreconcilable by means other than staying up far later than my lazy tuchas is willing to, as it has an early wake-up call tomorrow morning.) 

Now, you, the loyal Lostwatch fan, would rather that I do Lostwatch first. As would I. But we live in an evil, evil world, in which vastly more people read American Idol reviews (though Lostwatch is a pretty big draw itself). And in which corporate-media websites want pageviews. Want pageviews bad. And you don’t want to make them angry. 

Long story short: I’ve gotta blog my American Idol reviews tonight. And I will do a Lostwatch, but it won’t be up until sometime tomorrow morning, so don’t wait up looking for it here. 

Now for your Happy Lost Day discussion thread. Tonight’s episode is titled He’s Our You. Which is as good a jumping-off point as any, because I have no idea who the hell it refers to, and neither does Doc Jensen. Lost does love it some parallels, though, so which two characters are being compared here, and why?