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Vacation Robo-Post: How's Your News?

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As you see, I have not posted a Lost review this morning. (The time.com honchos say they plan to have a guest poster review, so if it hasn’t gone up yet, be patient. If all goes according to plan, I will not be watching until tonight on TiVo, so I’ll be avoiding the comments until then.)

One side effect of writing my Lost posts Wednesday night lately, though, is that I end up catching the local news at 11 while I’m finishing up. I rarely watch local news (except for cable’s NY1), so it’s been interesting to see what’s changed about it. Namely: nothing, except that it now seems to consist of about 50% Weird Crap That Someone Caught on Camera and Posted on YouTube. To be fair, cable news does its share of this too, but local news seems to have positively fallen in love with YouTube amateur video as filler. We talk a lot about online sites pirating network video, but it’s nice to see there’s a venue where old-fashioned TV can return the favor. 

But local news has always been an easy target. Maybe I’m being too harsh, or painting with too broad a brush. So my Robo question of the day: do any Tuned Inlanders watch your local newscasts? Do you have anything good to say about them?