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ABC May Phone an Old Friend: Regis

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Last night Slumdog Millionaire—the Danny Boyle film centered on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire—cleaned up at the Golden Globes. Now it looks like the American version of Millionaire may be a winner too. ABC, reports TV Week, is considering bringing the show back for a summer run to mark its 10th anniversary. With Regis Philbin, says Josef Adalian, not daytime host Meredith Vieira. 

I suppose this is not a bad time to place a bet on 1999-2000 nostalgia. Can they also bring back monochromatic shirts and ties and the pre-AOL merger Time Warner stock price? 

(True story: Millionaire debuted in the U.S. a few weeks after I started as TIME’s TV critic. A publicist sent me a tape of the British version, mentioning that the show was huge there and it just might do pretty well on ABC in the summer. I promptly put the tape on my shelf and forgot about it. Like any American was going to watch that on primetime television!)