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Lost Discussion Group: We Have to Go Back. But Why?

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We are in one of those weird periods for LDG, because I have seen the first two episodes of season 5 (both of which air Jan. 21). So I have to be extremely careful about posing leading discussion questions, or writing anything else that may inadvertently spoil something for someone, if for no other reason than, “Oh, I bet I know why he asked that!”

So feel free to discuss what you want in the comments this week; Chaddogg, for one, has been talking about the foreshadowing he’s picked up re-watching the first season of the show. For my part, one question which you don’t need to have seen the new episodes to ask: Why do you think it is that the Oceanic Six have to go back to the Island? (“Because otherwise what the hell would they do for seasons 5 and 6” is not an acceptable answer, however accurate.) Let’s assume that the Island has some explicable reason for wanting them back, other than helping Cuse and Lindelof plot the show’s endgame. Why is it? And why all of them?