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Swag Photography: Echo Vs. Jack

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In today’s installment of Swag Photography, Fox has sent out review copies and promo packages for the debut season of Dollhouse and the return of 24. Both with action figures!

At left, a more conceptual doll of Echo, the “active,” which—I assume reflecting the conceit that actives are clean slates—sadly looks much more like a crash-test dummy than Eliza Dushku. At right, a Jack Bauer action figure which looks, well, considerably more like Kiefer Sutherland. If you look closely, hanging from his shoulder, you’ll see his very macho messenger bag. 

Ah, the fun a child could have engaging in imaginative play with these toys!

JACK: [draws gun] Who are you working for?!

ECHO: Um, I work for the Fox Broadcasting publicity department. Same as you. 

JACK: Oh. [Pause] Well. Want to go beat up the Indiana Jones doll? 

ECHO: Let’s do it!