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TV-Free Wednesday: So Close, So Far

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Last night, my replacement TiVo box / cable box / lifeline to the outside world arrived. This morning I commenced setting it up, a process that has so far involved several calls to TiVo tech support, being instructed by one tech support guy to undo all the steps I was instructed to take by the previous support guy, and, in the process, turning off my wifi-password because TiVo was temporarily unable to access the network. Internet pirates, come on over!

Two hours later, step one is almost done. Next comes a call to Time Warner Cable to activate the TiVo’s cablecards, which request TiVo tech support swears will be easy for the cable staff, but which request, if past experience is any guide, cable staff will respond to as if I had asked them to assemble a particle accelerator out of Popsicle sticks.

I’d liveblog the experience, but it would probably read like this:

11:25: On hold

11:29: Still on hold

11:35: I don’t think I’ve ever combined those swear words in that order before!

11:36: On hold

Ah, for the days when fixing your TV involved hitting it on the side with the heel of your hand! Actually, maybe I’ll try that next.