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Lipstick Jungle Is Not Cancelled, But They're Working on It

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Bill Carter in the New York Times reports that, contrary to the word flying around last week, Lipstick Jungle is not cancelled after all. Though the between-the-lines read of his report is not that encouraging: 

[NBC co-chair Ben] Silverman noted that it does not repeat well at all, which makes it a risky long-term investment if its first-run ratings are not stronger than they have been so far.

Carter also alludes to a strong show of fan support, which seems to allude to reports that fans of the show have been sending NBC tubes of lipstick in protest. This is a long-running TV tradition—remember the Tabasco sauce for Roswell?—but the one example in recent memory of such a fan protest getting results (peanuts for Jericho) resulted in the show returning to lower ratings yet and being cancelled again.

I can’t wait until a network kills a cult-hit show about a blacksmith, and the rabid fans will be forced to send in anvils.