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Office Watch: Lemme Hear Your Body Talk

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SPOILER ALERT: Before you read this post, watch Cookie Monster Sings “Chocolate Rain” on YouTube, then watch last night’s The Office.

I continue to love Amy Ryan on the show, in a way that makes me whimper a little every time I see an NBC press release describe her as “guest star Amy Ryan.” It’s partly her surprising gift for comedy, as when Holly donned a headband and sang/danced “Let’s Get Ethical” with Michael while holding a binder. But I’m also falling for her character, who in many ways is a less obnoxious female Michael.

Not that she’s oblivious or preening in the way he is—just the opposite. But just like him, she’s continually the victim of good intentions leading to self-defeating results. We saw it when she endearingly stood up for “special” Kevin in front of the entire office and humiliated herself. And last night, she put herself on the line to enforce a company rule against Meredith—knowing people would hate her but feeling it was her only choice—and only ended up reprimanded by a superior who took the whole ethics thing a little less seriously than she did. Meanwhile, we have to watch while she and Michael fumble in the dark at the relationship it seems they’d both like to have and don’t know how to make happen.

On the comedy front: great to see Meredith get a story. (“I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the discount paper. Not a lot of fruit in those Looms.”) Great subplot with Jim timing Dwight for “time theft.” And a number of fine Michael lines: “People expect a lot from these meetings. Laughter and sudden twists”; “After I discovered YouTube, I didn’t work for five days”; “I don’t want my employees think their jobs depend on performance”; “Right, wrong–who’s to say in the end?”

Now who’s up for giant lobsters at a business-romantic restaurant?