Tuned In

A Different House of Mouse

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NBC has signed a deal to bring one of the most awesome preschooler’s cartoons ever, Maisy, to its Qubo kids’ cartoons block in November.

For those of you who don’t have Noggin, where it previously aired (or don’t have kids), this British cartoon based on the work of Lucy Cousins is an island of whimsical quiet in a sea of audiovisual noise. Maisy the mouse, her very close friend Talullah the chicken, squirrel Cyril and crocodile Charlie have adventures, and snacks, set to a gentle ska soundtrack and no dialogue. (Though I can do a great imitation of the Wookiee-like noise Charlie makes.) It was one of the first shows the Tuned In Jrs. watched, and a welcome break for a new dad entranced by the simple, primary-color animation.

And who can ever forget the very special episode where Cyril wet himself in the sandbox? Life lessons were learned, friends, life lessons were learned.