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The Morning After: Debatable

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Thanks to all the Tuned Inlanders who showed up to represent at the liveblog last night; the whole thing is still posted if anyone’s interested. As I said last night, the debate played like a nonevent from where I was sitting; but as I also said, it’s possible it came across more informative and useful to the voters it was actually intended for—the ones just now starting to pay attention.

I thought Obama did a better job connecting with the audience and putting the issues in personal terms, though McCain closed strong on that front; his willingness to connect personally, however, did not extend to shaking Obama’s proffered hand after the debate. Neither guy seemed to have that Clintonian, I-feel-your-pain thing down, but maybe that’s my revisionist memory: I’m not sure I thought Clinton was that Clintonian back in 1992.

Interested to hear your morning-after thoughts. Or, more important: how were those Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Finally, I should probably apologize for not blogging more about The Shield; quite honestly, FX sends the episodes out in big batches and I tend to watch them several at a time, so I’m one or two behind at this point. Is the final season paying off?