Tuned In


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I’m back from a week in North Carolina, where I sampled the barbecue but not the tobacco. (Seriously, not to engage in state stereotyping, but at a Food Lion my first night in the state I saw the largest display of brands of chewing tobacco I’ve seen in my life.) If anybody finds a pair of glasses on a beach somewhere on the Outer Banks, those are mine.

I’m bad/indifferent enough at my job that when I take a vacation, I actually try to take a vacation. This extends to TV; my viewing was limited to a preview of Mad Men (on which I am sworn to temporary secrecy) and a DVD of Into the Wild. Other than that, my TV exposure consisted of the travel choices of the Tuned In Jrs., who, God help me, have discovered The Flintstones. Which has not aged well.

What did I miss? What’s on your mind? And what TV shows have your children discovered that you wish they did not know existed?