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Myers' Guru Transcends Mere Unfunniness

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Except for the fact that Mike Myers was once on SNL, this has no real connection to TV. But A.O. Scott’s review of The Love Guru has a line so good that I cannot let it go unnoted:

To say that the movie is not funny is merely to affirm the obvious. The word “unfunny” surely applies to Mr. Myers’s obnoxious attempts to find mirth in physical and cultural differences but does not quite capture the strenuous unpleasantness of his performance. No, “The Love Guru” is downright antifunny, an experience that makes you wonder if you will ever laugh again.

In the novel The Information, Martin Amis wrote, tongue-in-cheek, about a character who was a book critic, “When he reviewed a book, it stayed reviewed.” The Love Guru, henceforth, shall stay reviewed.