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Vacation Robo-Post: What TV Show Should Become a Movie?

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A vacation or two ago, I believe I robo-asked you which movie you’d like to see adapted to a TV show; this time I’m reversing it. There’s the reconception movie, in which a series like The Brady Bunch (or the forthcoming Get Smart) gets updated for a new generation. (Actually, I’m not sure Get Smart is as different stylistically or intentionally campy as The Brady Bunch, but you get the point.) There’s the movie that offers closure, as Serenity did with Firefly. There’s the movie that just, well, gives you more of the TV show, as was the case with The X-Files, The Simpsons movie and, from the sound of it, the forthcoming Sex and the City movie. You can go in any of these directions with this. I give you greenlight authority!