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The Only Thing You Really Want to Read Today

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EW’s Doc Jensen visited the magical factory where Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof and various Oompa-Loompas make rich, chocolaty servings of Lost, and brings back some samples:

EW spent three days on the set of the drama, and judging from the looks of things — like the corpse that washes up on the sandy shores of Camp Jack and the raging gunfight that will decimate Camp Locke — the first episode back, ominously titled ”The Shape of Things to Come,” will launch the endgame with downright apocalyptic thunder. The ensuing four installments will answer some of the season’s biggest questions: How did the much-vaunted Oceanic 6 leave the Island? What happened to those left behind? Why is Sayid (Naveen Andrews) killing people for Ben in the future? And who’s rotting inside that darn coffin? ”It’s big and epic,” promises Matthew Fox (Jack). ”Our first eight episodes, by design, were all set up for these episodes to come. That we’re doing just five instead of eight means they’re even more packed with plot. It’s payoff time.” More momentously, the finale — whose Big Twist is code-named ”Frozen Donkey Wheel” — will set the stage for another series reinvention.

Here’s the link [Update: Mild spoilerage, natch], and after you read the article, maybe we can discuss—hey! I wasn’t done talking! Where are you… oh, fine. Have a nice weekend.