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Lost Discussion Group: Let's Get Sentimental

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Let’s try something different this Happy Not-Lost Day. LDG—and, really, Lost discussion online in general—tends to be a little geeky and fanboy-ish. Lots of mythology, analysis and theorizing. The character aspects of the show, on the other hand, tend to get short shrift if not out-and-out derided, especially the relationships and pairings among the characters. The Kate-Sawyer-Jack triangle, especially, gets knocked around with an almost preteen-boy vehemence, as do the ‘shippers who are invested in it. Yuck! Kissy stuff! Get it away!

OK, so having said that, I’m not a fan of the Triangle story myself, mainly because the fulcrum of the triangle, Kate (is fulcrum right? It’s been a long time since geometry class), is the worst-written major character on the show. (That itself was a surprising disappointment, given how much J. J. Abrams’ previous shows were known for great women characters.) But I do care about the relationships on the show, romantic and otherwise. Jin and Sun’s marriage always moves me—in part because Lost introduced Jin as a near-complete bastard and gradually made him sympathetic in retrospect. Bernard and Rose’s flashback was one of my favorite standalone backstories, and as for nonromantic stories, Locke’s continual seeking, and failing to achieve, connection with his father is one of the great tragedies of the show. (Speaking of fathers and sons, I hope Lost has a chance in the future to show more of how Michael and Walt’s relationship has been strained.) And, yeah, say what you want about Alex, but I’m curious how Ben came to reach this fatherly connection with a baby whom he essentially stole.

So take your theory hat off for a week, put down those books about the Casimir Effect, and let’s get touchy-feely. What are your favorite (and, OK, least favorite) relationship stories on Lost? Which do you want to know more about, and which have been played out? Kate/Jack/Sawyer ‘shippers, it’s safe to come out!