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Corporate Press Release Theater: L Is for Leaving

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Showtime announced today that The L Word will end after its sixth season. I gave the show a few chances its first couple of seasons, but I never thought its writing and characters lived up to its ambitions (or maybe I just thought its ambitions were greater than they actually were). But I’ve known a few (gay and straight) fanatics of the show, so I’m guessing that those of you who do like the show love it intensely enough to want to know. From Showtime’s press release:

THE L WORD®‘s large and loyal audience has played an unprecedented role in propelling the plotlines throughout the show’s five year history. [Creator Ilene] Chaiken indicates that the final season will be even more interactive, with fan input guiding the season to its climactic conclusion. “This is by no means the end of THE L WORD®,” she adds. “The brand and the social network community, OurChart.com, will continue to live and be a destination for lesbians everywhere and a lasting tribute to what THE L WORD® has accomplished.”

The interactive aspects of the show–both the social-networking and the various contributions by fan writers–are what have fleetingly kept the show on my radar the last couple seasons, but not enough to actually get me watching again. If you watched The L Word, did they make a difference to you?