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Idol: Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

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Brooke White does an acoustic Love Is a Battlefield. / F Micelotta / Getty Images for Fox

Time music guru and evil overlord of time.com Josh Tyrangiel takes another stab at reviewing the women’s performances as American Idol pares down to its final dozen. (After we get to the 12 finalists next week, you’ll be stuck with my musically ignorant analysis.)

My take: Loved Brooke, was pleasantly surprised by Amanda. I suspect this will not be a happy Thursday for Danny Noriega’s BFF Ramiele. And while the judges heaped inexplicable praise on Kady, I suspect this was one of those famous cases where they couldn’t hear the off notes in the echo-ey room: her song included what may have been the worst single sustained note ever performed on American Idol. Carly and Kristy Lee were perfectly fine. And as for Syesha and Asia’h: they’re lucky they don’t have Y chromosomes, because they would not have made the cut with the superior guys’ performances Tuesday night. Your predictions?