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The Morning After: New Amsterdam, It's Become Much Too Much*

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, right, fights crime shirtlessly. / Jeff Neira/FOX

Before guys’ night on American Idol, Fox ran a promo for its new immortal-till-he-finds-true-love police drama, New Amsterdam: “A cop with over 300 years of experience.” What? I was watching American Idol to get away from the presidential campaign!

As I mentioned briefly in the comments yesterday, this was one of those high-concept genre hybrids we’ve seen a lot of this season. (He raises the dead–and solves murders! He’s a vampire–and he solves murders! etc.) This one left me unmoved, but it did have a romantic streak that might redeem it for some people. And he solves murders.

What say you? Was New Amsterdam ready to entertain you on Day One?

* Yes, I see that Tim Goodman made the same reference at The Bastard Machine. What can I say? We’re both white guys in our late thirties.