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Idol Watch: The Final Semifinals

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My review of the men’s American Idol performances are up at time.com. The standard disclaimer applies: I am not a music critic nor a musical authority, just like the people who actually will choose the next Idol.

Very good night for the guys; even the ones who weren’t good were not atrocious. My guesses for the next elimination: Luke Menard gets sent packing for sure. The other elimination probably comes down to Chikeze or David Hernandez, both of whom did competent but boring renditions of big diva songs. I could also do without the overrated Michael Johns–sorry, ladies–but I think he managed well enough to stick around. And the good things I said about Danny Noriega? Not sarcasm, I swear.

Favorites? Predictions? ’80s songs you wish someone had picked? And which reviews do you think I got absolutely wrong? Shoot that poison arrow through my heart!