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The Morning After: Treat Yourself

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Melissa George as Laura. / HBO: Claudette Barius

I watched the first five weeks of In Treatment before the show debuted, when HBO sent out a whole stack of screeners, so it was kind of strange going back to the show again last night, as if I were starting the show’s second season. I still find the show hypnotically engrossing, for all its weaknesses–it’s boring and fascinating and fascinating in the ways that it’s boring. As usual, it’s tough to rejoin the show on a Laura night–as Mrs. Tuned In said, Melissa George’s scenes are like watching someone do an improv monologue in acting class–but there’s something very real about the give-and-take of the conversations despite their staginess. The way conversations become sprawling battlefields, with the two armies skirmishing on tiny points of semantics and insinuation, is something most well-written series don’t get–if only because people on other series don’t talk to each other for so damn long.

Is anyone out there still in In Treatment? Do you care to tell me how it makes you feel?