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TMZ: I'm Hillary Clinton, and I Approve This SNL Skit

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I never expected to be quoting TMZ in connection with the presidential campaign, but the showbiz-nooz site reports that not only did Hillary Clinton appear after SNL’s second consecutive the-media-hates-Hillary skit, her campaign also approved the script of the Amy Poehler sketch. Says TMZ, “Sources tell TMZ the skit — featuring Amy Poehler in Hillary drag — was written on Saturday afternoon and sent over to Hill’s camp for approval. We’re told the material was promptly okayed with no edits.” (Link via TV Tattle.)

OK, maybe this is my Obama bias talking. And it may be a simple courtesy to let a guest celeb to read over a script having to do with them when they’re going to appear on the show. But still–did they ask her if she needed a pillow too?

[Update: As I posted in the comments, but should say up front, I’m sure they’d do the same thing for Obama or McCain. And maybe at some point SNL will do two cold opens in a row that reinforce the same one of their campaign arguments. But they haven’t yet.]