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There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

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I caught the rerun this evening of The Colbert Report’s interview with PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk. The feisty but sporting animal-rights activist closed out the interview talking about the general evilness and eco-hostility of eating meat, and imagining how she’d like to, after her death, have her flesh barbecued and have everyone come over to check out the smell, only to discover that they were salivating over grilled human. (Colbert asked her which part of herself she thought would taste best. “Because I have a pretty good idea which part of me is the tastiest. And if you need a hint, I’m giving out samples.”)

Anyway, what should come up in the commercial break immediately after but a spot for the Dairy Queen Cheeseburger Lover’s Deal? Congratulations to the Comedy Central ad sales department!

I don’t know if the DQ cheeseburger is actually as tasty as barbecued activist. But you can’t get a Blizzard with Ingrid Newkirk.