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Vacation Robo-Post: What Did You Do During the Strike?

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Another user-generated discussion topic, this one from regular Tuned Inlander Rottin’ in Denmark:

We could talk about all the good books we read during the strike.

I suspect RID was being sarcastic. But let’s run with it. A lot of pundits, myself included, prognosticated about how viewers would change their routines during the strike. Were any of us right? What did you do with your TV time during the strike? (Actually, you could make that present tense, since in terms of actual product on screen, the “strike” will really persist in prime time through April or so.) Did you read any more books? Play games? Watch DVDs? Cable? Or did you just soak up whatever the networks were able to throw on the screen?

For myself–well, I have to watch TV regardless, but I probably watched even more political news than I would have otherwise. So it would be perfect if the Democratic nomination is sewn up by April 10, when The Office and 30 Rock come back.