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JPTV: What I'm Watching This Weekend Eventually

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ABC premieres its four-ambitious-sexy-women-in-the-city-why-no-we-can’t-imagine-where-you’ve-seen-that-before drama Cashmere Mafia Sunday night. I haven’t got around to watching it yet, in part because:

  • * The screener arrived among the pile of vacation mail I just opened yesterday
  • * I’m in the middle of watching several other screeners for reviews
  • * I can watch it again when NBC airs essentially the same show, as Lipstick Jungle
  • * How many damn reasons do you need? What are you, my boss?
  • * Sorry, boss! I didn’t mean you! Please!

And come Sunday night, I’ll probably be re-watching The Wire for the blog. For now, I’ll throw it on the pile, as Laura from Project Runway would say. But don’t let that stop you! I’m sure it’ll be great good fine if you like that sort of thing television!