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Robo-Post: The 10 Best Episodes of 2007

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Mario Perez / ABC

I promised you a list of the 10 best TV episodes of the year, and here it is. But first a caveat. Because I didn’t really plan ahead well, I didn’t do what I do for my top 10 shows list, which is to keep a running tab throughout the year. So this is really more like The 10 Best TV Episodes That Came to Mind When I Thought About It for a Little While in December.

Which really is the best sign of their staying power, right? Humor me.

Anyway, here they are, without explanation or embellishment:

1. Lost, Through the Looking Glass (Honorable mention: The Brig)
2. Mad Men, Kennedy vs. Nixon vs. Kennedy (Honorable mention: The Hobo Code)
3. Reaper, Pilot
4. Friday Night Lights, I Think We Should Have Sex
5. South Park, Imaginationland (Yes, it was a trilogy. Sue me.)
6. The Sopranos, The Second Coming (Honorable mention: Heidi and Kennedy)
7. 30 Rock, Rosemary’s Baby
8. The Office, Business School
9. John from Cincinnati, His Visit: Day Five
10. Heroes, Company Man

Yes, I left things out. I left out anything below #10. Yes, I know Pushing Daisies is not on here. Not being a hater. I just felt there were ten better.

OK, I showed you mine…