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Special Liveblogging Alert: We're Putting the Mid in Midterms!

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Here at Tuned In, we tend to focus on midseason ratings more than midterm returns, but tonight, for you our dear friends, something different: at the Time Midterm Blog (bookmark it now!), I’ll be liveblogging the midterm coverage and election returns with columnist Joe Klein and Time.com Washington editor Ana Marie Cox. That’s right: one of American politics’ sagest pundits; the sharp-tongued, fleet-fingered dispenser of Washington snark; plus… some guy who watches TV for a living.

Think of it as one of Bill Maher’s old ABC Politically Incorrect shows, where he’d have a panel of a veteran political observer, some P. J. O’Rourke-style Beltway satirist, and Jaime Pressly. Think of me as Jaime Pressly except not, you know, attractive. Festivities start midafternoonish, if not sooner. In the meantime, feel free to send in your ideas for our midterm-coverage drinking game. (If someone says "wave," take a shot! If someone says "tsunami"–the whole bottle!)