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Dead Tree Alert: Lost is Found

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Although I realize that every single person who reads this website assiduously reads the print version of TIME magazine, and vice versa–are you listening, Wall Street?–I’m starting an occasional service for those of you who can’t get enough of my tedious yammering valuable insight at Tuned In by pointing you to my articles in the crinkly-fresh paper edition. This week, "Why the Future of Television is Lost": With the debut of Lost a week and a half away, I look at how, through brilliant writing and canny use of the Internet and changing media technology, a series that might have been brilliant-but-canceled history turned its supposed liabilities (weirdness,  an endlessly complicated plot) into the hooks for an intense, evangelical fan base. Or something like that. Time to race to your mailbox, newsstand, or nearest dentist’s office. You really could stand to do something about that tartar buildup.