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Lostwatch: Guns Don't Kill People. May Sweeps Kill People.

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched last night’s Lost yet, you’re looking at the wrong set of pixels.

It’s been a long time since there was a good "Holy Crap!" moment on Lost, but the show made up for Lost time with three holy-craptastic moments in gunshot-quick succession–coinciding, of course, with the beginning of May sweeps. Michael, having returned from tracking the Others, revealed himself to be a (seemingly unwilling) ally of the Losties’ enemies, freeing Fake Henry Gale and shooting himself in the arm to make it look like a jailbreak–this after whispering "I’m sorry" and shooting Ana Lucia and Libby point-blank. The two fallen tailies, coincidentally or not, were played by Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, who embarrassed ABC and the show by getting arrested for DUI in Hawaii late last year. Lesson: Kids, don’t drink and drive!

Assuming the shots were fatal, now would be a good time to mourn the loss of Rodriguez as Ana Lucia. Or not. Last night was an Ana Lucia flashback, which demonstrated yet again what a weak link Rodriguez was, as she delineated her sullen character by pouting 37 different ways, amid her Australian getaway with Jack’s dad and that weird bout of hot gun sex with Sawyer. I’ll miss Watros if she’s gone for good, though, having enjoyed her since Fox’s underrated dark sitcom Titus–plus, we never got to learn just what she was doing in Hurley’s asylum.

Or was it her insane twin? Aha!

In any case, Michael’s turncoating flips the overarching plot, which had him encouraging the castaways to attack the Others, whom he said were weak and lightly armed. If the signs pan out, and Michael is the victim of some kind of coercion–probably involving a threat against his hostage son Walt–then for all we know, he’s leading Jack and company into a trap. Or working some kind of double-trap plan against the Others. Or… who knows, but it’s good to know that Harold Perrineau–an excellent, underutilized actor–having been written off the show as Michael for half a season, finally got some meaty work to do. That’s what a clean driving record will get you.