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Reality, Bitten

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I don’t exactly know why Fox’s army of lawyers didn’t descend on the Emmy awards for “Emmy Idol” — classic TV themes sung by current TV stars — but thank God they didn’t. After seeing Donald Trump belt out “Green Acres” with Megan Mullally, I can confidently say I will not see something so horrifying all fall, and I have all of premiere week ahead of me, so that’s nice to know.

Seriously, it is a little galling to see the awards, which have almost gone out of their way the past few years to snub reality TV — which at times was the only thing keeping young viewers from giving up TV for Halo altogether — trying to steal a little bit of reality TV magic for the sake of propping up a flagging awards show. And then they follow that up by having the Reality Competition show Emmy handed out by… Blue Man Group?! Insult to injury.