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Plague of Boyle's

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So Emmy threw us a curve for Best Supporting Actor, Comedy. Well, kinda. Not that either of the most deserving actors won: Jeffrey Tambor of “Arrested Development” or, especially, Jeremy Piven of “Entourage.” But the more surprising of two less-deserving actors won: Brad Garrett rather than Peter Boyle of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” who noted loudly on TV Guide’s red carpet show that he was the only major player not to have brought home hardware for “Raymond.”

I have to say, I am enjoying the sprightly pace of the show thus far. Ellen’s monologue was brisk, decently funny, and hit the right Katrina notes without trying to make the awards show look like a humanitarian effort. But the funniest moment of the night was Felicity Huffman’s hearty “clunk!” after a dreadful bit of scripted banter among the “Desperate Housewives” cast. Knowing when you’ve bombed and how to react is what an actor does, and it’s why she’s the member of the cast who most deserves to walk away with a trophy tonight. –J.P.