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My Bold, Bold Move

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With scant seconds to go to the festivities, it occurs to me you might want my own predictions for the Emmys. I don’t have any — frankly, nearly every year that I try, I lose my own in-house pool to my wife. I’m not embarrassed by that; though I watch TV for a living, I feel that my job is not to be able to prognosticate winners and losers but to decide on quality, which is not always reflected in awards.

Yeah, my wife never buys that either.

I will go out on a slight limb and say that this is the year that the awards go to shows and actors that are not totally deserving, but slightly less undeserving than usual. Which is to say, “Desperate Housewives” will win every Emmy that should have gone to “Arrested Development.” Like I said, a very slight limb. –J.P.