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While I Was Out: The Old Man and the TV

I’m back from a long weekend in Dallas with Tuned In Jr. at the National Elementary Chess Championships. If you ever want to see something truly terrifying, sit in on a room full of hundreds of children at chessboards, staring in murderous silence at something that is not a handheld game system.

I’ve got a fair-sized viewing backlog …

Tuned In Tuned In

Should Bret Michaels Take Over for Simon Cowell?

Of course not. Would he like to? Evidently. Will he? Not if American Idol‘s producers have any sense.

But Joy Behar knows that asking the question will get people to watch her talk show, and I know that embedding the video will get people to visit this post from search engines, and so here it is.

As long as you’re here, let your …