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TV Tonight: Welcome (Back) to the Dollhouse

Words I would not have guessed last spring that I would be typing today: Dollhouse returns for a second season tonight. The series made an amazing mid-season creative course correction during its first run and surprised everyone by getting renewed (on low ratings but the strength of an intense fan base and healthy DVR replay). So I …

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Dead Tree Alert: One More Doll in the House

In this week’s print TIME, I give a brief endorsement to the upcoming season one DVD of Dollhouse (along with that of the British Life on Mars), which comes out next week.

Normally when I review a series DVD, I focus on the series itself first and any extras secondarily, if at all. But the extras on the Dollhouse DVD are …

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Programming Note: Upfronts Week

I’ll be spending much of the next few days at the network “upfronts,” in which Fox, The CW, ABC and CBS will present their next-season shows to advertisers in hopes of garnering the few remaining advertising dollars. (Cable upfronts have been held on and off over the past several weeks.) In between presentations, I’ll be on deadline …