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The New Barnes

Because there was a heavier than usual influx last week of art stories that needed fast attention I postponed comment on the design for the new home of the much-fought-over Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, which was unveiled last week. So, taking a deep breath…

The New Barnes

Last week I blogged pretty continually about The Art of the Steal, the new documentary about the long, sad struggle over moving the collection of the Barnes Foundation from its home in Merion, Pa. to downtown Philadelphia, a struggle which is pretty much over.

The first set of renderings for what will be the new home of the Barnes on …

The Art of the Steal — The Final Act

On to the last chapter of the Barnes saga in The Art of the Steal, wherein the trap snaps shut. As I said at the beginning of this five-part blogging opus — by all means, when it goes into theatrical release next spring, go see The Art of the Steal. Just don’t go looking for a happy ending.

The Art of the Steal — The Beginning of the End

Okay, yet one more look at Don Argott’s new documentary, The Art of the Steal — which will go into commercial release next spring — and how the Barnes mess is wrapping up.

By the end of the tumultuous era of Barnes president Richard Glanton, with its big multi-city tour of Barnes paintings — money in! — and its big costly …

The Art of the Steal — The Plot Thickens

Let’s get back again to Don Argott’s The Art of the Steal, the new documentary about the sad fate of the Barnes collection.

The beginning of the end for the Barnes can probably be dated to the arrival of Richard H. Glanton, a big personality with big ambitions for the Barnes and himself, not necessarily in that order.

The Hot Doc — The Art of the Steal

The surprise hit of the Toronto Film Festival a few weeks ago was The Art of the Steal, a documentary about the still-in-progress hijacking of the phenomenal Barnes Foundation art collection, one of the greatest in the world, by the powers-that-be in Philadelphia. The film has its New York debut Tuesday night at a sold out …