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Lostwatch: Guerrillas in the Myst

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched last night’s Lost, don’t cross the invisible threshold below, unless you want blood to spurt out of your ears.


Lostwatch fans–yes, both of you–are probably wondering about now why I’ve fallen asleep on the job. Technical problems, involving time.com, or our blog-hosting company, …

Best Idea of the Week

Send appreciative e-mails to Michael Govan, the director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, who is thinking out loud about the possibility that LACMA might acquire a few architecturally important modernist homes in the LA area, including — possibly — Frank Gehry’s own famously deconstructed bungalow in Santa Monica.


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American Idol Scorecard: Trapped in the Closet Edition

The final twelve contestants took the Big Stage last night, but the dramatic vocal performance of the night was a duet by Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell, as they continued their ongoing tango of homophobia, or -philia, I’m not quite sure which. During a sidebar on, of all things, Melinda Doolittle’s shoes, Ryan sniped at Simon: “Stay out …

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Recently Arrested Development

I haven’t had time to do a proper review of Comedy Central’s Halfway Home, which debuts tonight, and my deadlines being what they are, it doesn’t look like that’s likely to change soon, so: watch it. That review enough for you?

OK, a little more elaboration: this largely improv comedy–set at, yes, a halfway house–is a little like Reno …

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MTV: Scared Straight

Is MTV having a crisis of conscience? I’ve become hooked, lately, on two of MTV’s latest reality shows, Juvies and Engaged & Underage. (MTV shows are ideal for storing up on Tivo, because the channel has one of the highest commercial-to-program ratios on cable.) The former show, shot in raw documentary style, looks at the wrenching …

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The Persuaders

Great TV is often con artistry: a show takes an outlandish premise and gets you to buy it, not so much by making you believe that it’s plausible as by making you want to imagine a world in which it is. That’s the case with The Riches, FX’s mordant con-artist drama, which debuts tonight. It’s far-fetched. It’s outlandish. You will think …

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