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The Morning After: No More S'Mores!

Not a fantastic Office last night, but you know what? Thanks to the strike it’s the next to last one we’ll get for God knows how long, so for the moment I’m inclined to be grateful anyway. Michael’s going Survivorman in what appeared to be Pennsylvania’s only sequoia redwood forest was amusing enough, but this week the B plot beat the A …

The 10 Best Coen Brothers Moments

The Coen Brothers return with the thriller No Country for Old Men, starring Javier Bardem as a psycho killer, Tommy Lee Jones as a saintly sheriff, and Josh Brolin as a man on the run. A look back at the Coens’ best movie moments.

Richardson’s Picasso: Part II

Girl Before A Mirror, Picasso, 1932 — Museum of Modern Art, New York

Yesterday I laid out the broad themes of the new third volume of John Richardson’s ongoing biography of Picasso. Over the next day or two I want to look at a few of his topics a little more closely.

It’s a truism of Picasso studies, and also a truth, that his art …

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The Morning After: A Little Bit Country

Actually, the only part of Tuned In that is even a little bit country is the part that watches American Idol, and Nashville before it got cancelled. (Well, my iPod includes a couple Dixie Chicks albums, but mostly because I’m one of those East Coast communists who hates America.)

But surely there’s a Tuned Inlander out there who wants …

More Talk With: Neil MacGregor

Marble metope from the south face of the Parthenon/circa 440 B.C. — Photo: Elgin Collection/British Museum

Let’s continue that conversation about the Elgin marbles with the director of the British Museum.

LACAYO: Your museum has repeatedly taken the position that it will not discuss even the possibility of a temporary loan of some of …

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South Park: Not Bigger, Not Longer, but Unstruck

Since the writers’ strike started looming, one of the most frequent questions among Tuned Inlanders has been what would happen to South Park, which–unlike most animated shows–is finished at the last minute and thus doesn’t bank episodes in advance. My most frequent answer had been, “Um, good question.”

As it turns out, we get our …

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The Morning After: Radar Love

Jack Rowand/The CW

If Reaper is turning out basically to be just a procedural with damned souls, it’s at least a pretty charming procedural with damned souls. Last night’s “Love, Bullets and Blacktop” episode didn’t venture into especially new territory, but it did capture the show’s laid-back appeal, from the lengthy bachelorette-party …

Richardson’s Picasso

I recently finished reading A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years: 1917-1932, the third volume of John Richardson’s definitive biography, which hits stores this week. This is a massive, intricate project, and to do it justice seemed to call for something longer than a quick on-line review. So I’m going to work my way through it this …

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